Tender submissions, bids and proposals

At Write House we specialise in presenting a compelling case for businesses and individuals putting forward proposals or responding to requests. We believe every company has a unique story to be told and it’s up to us to get it down on paper or up on screen, giving you the best chance of succeeding whether you’re seeking new sales or vying for a contract. We’ll help you deliver the right message to your audience in a way that puts your solution in the best possible light through compelling and convincing copywriting, clear communication of your unique selling proposition, innovation and value adds, communicating and visualising  benefits and by selling your experience.

Get the tendering results your business deserves

We work hard to get the results your business deserves, so you don’t have to. Whether you need a formal tender to submit to a a council or government department, better template sales proposals for your team to take to prospects, or a review of your approach to tendering and proposals, we can help. To learn more about each of our services, click below.

Chances are we’ve worked on tenders in your industry before

Better tenders and proposals are only a phone call away. Why not try us on your next bid?

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