Tender reviews

If you already have a tender and would like advice on how to get it up to best practice standard, our tender review service is for you. This is perfect for important contracts where you want to make certain you’re submitting the best tender possible, or for large tenders where you would like individual criteria audited in an objective manner. For a tender review, which includes a full proof read, supply of a marked up tender and an itemised report summarising opportunities for improvement, the price starts at only $199.

Flexible tender review services tailored to your needs

Our tender review service is tailored to your needs and the RFT you are responding to. The bottom line is: we’ll give you advice to help you get your tender up to best practice standard. If you are preparing your response in house, it’s a great opportunity to get advice for an economical price and then go away and improve your response prior to submission.

 Basic tender review

From only $199 (based on length of 1,000 words) you will benefit from a full proof read of your submission, a review to ensure you are compliant with the RFT criteria and the identification of opportunities to improve your response based on best practice standard. It’s a great way to get your response up to scratch without breaking the bank.

 Response scoring

For larger tenders we recommend at least one independent review stage where responses are scored objectively against a set of criteria. In fact, ideally you’d go through three of these reviews. We’ll work fast and provide a tender score sheet with detailed feedback and advice for improvement. Response scoring is quoted per job.

Better tender submissions are easier than you think – contact us to get your review underway.

Chris VincentTender reviews