Proof reading and editing

Your prospectus, PDS or white paper may be written in a technically correct way, but is it appealing to your audience? Document editing and proofreading are inexpensive ways to take your document from acceptable to exceptional. Simple edits to vocabulary, formality, sentence structure and content order can make an enormous difference to the readability of a document, and ultimately how well it is understood and accepted by your audience. Document editing and proofreading services from Write House can usually be provided quickly and relatively inexpensively, since there is little or no research or creative development required.

A cost-effective way to ensure correct and readable communications

Copy editing and proofreading services are ideal for large, corporate documents such as your annual report, prospectus or PDS, training manuals, policies and procedures. You can choose form the level of service you require – from a basic proofread through to structural editing – and you’ll receive a marked up version of your document showing all of our corrections. We can generally turn around proof reading and editing jobs in 48 hours.

Editing services

Editing improves clarity of expression without altering meaning or intent. Write House will not re-write your content; we’ll re-structure and re-package it to produce a highly compelling and professional document.

 Proofreading services

Proofreading is ideal when you have a long document that you are happy with, yet you want to ensure it is a professional standard.

 Maximise readability

Document editing is ideal where you have produced a document in-house, or had an expert such as a lawyer do so, however you remain concerned about how readily your audience will understand the content.

Be certain – get it proofread by Write House. It’s fast and affordable.

Chris VincentProof reading and editing