Content marketing

Content is the currency of online business and if you are selling products or promoting services online, you stand to benefit from content marketing through increased traffic, enquiries and sales. Content marketing is different to traditional marketing methods in that it is less obvious – with a major focus on providing information, not simply generating sales messages. Content marketing delivers targeted messages to potential customers in a way traditional marketing simply cannot; reaching web users (who are picky and impatient at the best of times) in a manner they can easily manage and appreciate.

Content strategy

You can have all the content ideas on the world but they’re only as good as your content strategy. The best content strategies are informed and organised, meaning that every decision is made for a reason and every piece of content created to plan, as well as being well scheduled and resourced. We’ll help you establish editorial calendars, identify audience segments and create a structure that will ensure smooth content sailing now and 12 months from now. Below we summarise the process.

1. Identify your objectives

Content can help you achieve a number of outcomes, including building your brand and reputation, increasing web traffic and sourcing new customers. It’s important to clearly establish what it is you want to achieve with your strategy.

2. Identify your audience

There is no doubt about it: the key great content is understanding your audience so we can address your customers directly, talk to their needs and wants and tailor information and solutions to them. Audience personas help here.

3. Identify content sources and channels

One of the killers of any content strategy is not being able to identify relevant and timely topics. We’ll help you plan topics and channels around evergreen and newsworthy or timely pieces.

4. Schedule and implement

An editorial calendar is key to planning your content marketing execution ahead of time, identifying topics, channels, audience, publishing dates and responsibilities.

5. Review and improve

One of the most important aspects of a content strategy is that it can be measured, helping you assess whether content is reaching and compelling visitors to act, or whether you need to refine your messages.

Content creation

Web browsers have a unique psychology that eschews traditional approaches to marketing. This usually means traditional sales copy is ineffective online – or at least nowhere as effective as it could be. Web users also have predictable behaviours that can be exploited by correctly placed, timely and relevant content. Write House specialises in writing relevant and compelling content for the web. We’ll help you create great content that talks to your audience and compels them to act, using customer insights and strategy.

 Articles & blogs

We write blogs for a variety of industries, using valuable information to create interesting, original and ‘click worthy’ content and building company brand and reputation along the way.

 Media releases

We craft compelling media releases that will help you get the attention you deserve. We focus on the news, clearly and concisely communicating the key points and maximising your chances of being published.

 Case studies

There is no better way to communicate capably and experience than through well presented case studies. We’ll help communicate your credibility to potential clients and source new work.


E-books are a proven method to either build credibility by providing valuable information, or generate income through online sales. In either case compelling and targeted writing is imperative.

 Curated posts

It’s not just your own content that can contribute to your campaigns – we can leverage off other great information sources by curating and commenting, creating insightful and informative pieces.

 Content repurposing

You can extend the life of your existing content, reach new audiences and create new link building opportunities by re-purposing it into different formats. We’ll help you identify opportunities and make it happen.

 Scripts for animations

Videos such as product demonstrations are a clever use of resources because they can be re-used across multiple channels.


We’ll turn your statistics, figures or data into beautiful storified illustrations that are engaging, informative and elicit sharing on a variety of platforms, working in association with our design partners.

Give your marketing the gift of great content. Talk to Write House.

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