Tender submissions

Tenders, submissions, bids or proposals… whatever term is used, it usually means a lot of work. At Write House we help companies with every aspect of the tender process – key themes and strategy, tender writing and editing, layout and even submission. We’ll ensure you get an outcomes-focussed, compelling submission that incorporates your key strengths and innovative solutions in a way that will appeal to tender reviewers, no matter the size of your company or your industry. Being compliant and being compelling are very different things in the world of tenders; you need a submission that is both. This is where Write House comes in.

Higher quality tender submissions bring a range of benefits

At Write House we treat your tender with the special attention it deserves. We’ll work hard to create a winning submission that is clear, concise and contains the sort of information that makes reviewers sit up and take notice. Your business will benefit in a number of ways.

 Stand apart

How do you stand out from the crowd of companies submitting a tender? Start with an experienced tender writer who understands how best to communicate your solution and what will appeal to reviewers.

 Save time

Tender submissions take time and resources that many business owners simply do not have. Increase efficiency by outsourcing this process and improve your submission at the same time.

 Win more work

Do you have an important contract up for renewal? Or are you tendering and not winning? We can audit your submissions to improve your conversion rate and get you up to industry best practice standard.

Make an impression

Nothing says “I don’t want the contract” more than a poor quality tender submission that doesn’t address the criteria. When it comes to tenders you don’t get second chances, so it’s important to make your first effort count.

 Experience counts

Don’t risk having your tender writing outsourced to the cheapest bidder. At Write House, our owner Chris Vincent or one of two trusted sub contractors will work with you directly to ensure a great outcome.

 Holistic solutions

We’ll tailor our service to your needs and help you at any stage of the process – from strategy, through writing and editing, or a review of your existing tender submissions and approach.

Give yourself the best chance possible: talk to us about tender submissions.

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