How a copywriter generates real business outcomes

Copywriters can generate some beneficial business outcomes How can a copywriter help your business? What are the tangible outcomes, besides copy that reads well? Whether it’s a website that’s not converting, tenders not winning, sales material that doesn’t sell or simply overly wordy documents, there is a variety of ways ...
Chris VincentHow a copywriter generates real business outcomes
Product descriptions

More Reasons to Invest in Great Product Descriptions

Previously we’ve talked about the importance of product descriptions for ecommerce websites. We mentioned the Significant Objects project, which showed the influence of narrative on the subjective value of various cheap objects. In this project 100 second hand trinkets, totems and things you would probably normally throw away were purchased for …

Chris VincentMore Reasons to Invest in Great Product Descriptions
Improve Website Conversions With Content

Maximise Website Conversions With Content

Content has a significant bearing on conversions and if you don’t optimise your website you risk missing out on customers. Your site’s conversion rate is a very important statistic. A conversion rate is the number of site visitors divided by the number that actually take a desired action. The action (or …

Chris VincentMaximise Website Conversions With Content