Media releases

Media releases are an essential component of a successful communication strategy, helping businesses expand their profile, build credibility and reach new audiences. Yet too often the important detail in media releases is clouded amongst needless words or boastful claims, reducing the likelihood of success. You’ve got to speak to your audience but there’s an added obstacle with media releases – maximising your chances of being published. Newspapers and magazines receive huge numbers of media releases every day so you need to make your effort count.

Better media releases get better business outcomes

At Write House we craft compelling media releases that will help you get the attention you deserve. Too many media releases shroud their good points in confusing or distracting copy and this is a sure fire way to be ignored. Instead, we focus on the news, clearly and concisely communicating the key points, providing meaningful information and using tools like headlines and quotes to illustrate points in an interesting way. We’ll can also help you identify target audiences and take care of media release submission, too.

 Get noticed

If you don’t grab attention, your efforts may be wasted. We’ll help you create noteworthy media releases and leverage relationships to maximise your chances of being published.

 Find the news

You can write 500 brilliant words about your company but at the end of the day, a media release must be newsworthy. We’ll help you identify the news and market it to your prospective publishers.

 Reach new audiences

Media releases are a great way to target specific audiences and reach potential customers who you may never have marketed to before.

Make an impression

Nothing says “I’m unprofessional” more than a poor quality media release. Better media releases stand a better chance of being published and more prominently, too, because journalists feel more confident in the story.

Better media releases are just a phone call away. Talk to Write House.

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