Corporate blogs

We write blogs for a variety of industries, using valuable information to create interesting, original and click-worthy content. Done well, blogs can play a vital role in a corporate communications strategy by providing informative, newsworthy content and building credibility and trust. You can also source new traffic through a well-planned content strategy. Writing a great blog post is no dissimilar to other forms of writing – by following some key rules about your audience you can ensure you generate engaging and interesting posts.

Great corporate blogs generate great business outcomes

At Write House we treat corporate blogs with the respect they need. Blogs can be more informal than other types of writing, but this is no reason to ignore good writing rules or ship this communication channel out to whoever happens to have time that day. An effective headline, relevant topic, evidence or proof, well structured post and compelling call to action all play their part. And done well, corporate blogs get great results.

Be relevant

The best blogs are targeted to specific audiences and newsworthy events. Once we understand what your audience wants, we’ll create informative posts they’ll find relevant and increase your chances of generating enquiries.

 Be an authority

Web browsers look to blogs for credibility cues on a business. By sharing valuable and free information, you’ll build your company’s credibility and become a trusted information source.

 Better Google rankings

Google loves fresh content and there is no better way to achieve this than through a corporate blog. Combined with an editorial calendar, which identifies topics and events ahead of time, you’ll have a great SEO tool.

 New traffic

Blogs generate traffic in two ways – by hitch hiking onto timely and newsworthy events, and by establishing sought-after ‘ever-green’ content that will always be relevant. Great blogs do both.

Give your audience the information they crave – talk to us about blog posts.

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