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Do you have existing content that is under-performing? Whether it’s a website that’s not converting, tenders or bids not winning work, marketing not aligned to your brand, sales material that doesn’t sell or simply overly wordy or mistake-laden documents, we are here to help. Write House audits and improves content in the following ways. Use the links below to skip down the page and contact us to take the next step and improve your under-performing content:

Improve website conversion rates

Websites don’t always simply ‘work’ as we want them to. Are you frustrated by a website that doesn’t convert visitors into sales? Do your CPC advertisements generating click throughs but not enquiries? Are your analytics showing that your hard won visitors are vanishing without a trace?

Content has a vital role to play in optimising website conversion rates.
If you are experiencing the above you may know by now that you have a low conversion rate. But how do you change this? Content has a vital role to play in optimising website conversion rates. In fact, poor content is a certain path to poor conversion rates. Remember that visitors to websites are looking for answers to questions or specific information. If they don’t find these quickly, they will almost certainly leave. Write House will help you improve your content so you can maximise your conversion rates. We’ll audit your site and look for improvements including removing distractions and conflicting messages, ensuring clear and intuitive navigation, targeting your audience with relevant and benefits-focused content, (eg by using information in a persona profile), creating compelling offers and using interesting and effective product descriptions. If you have an under-performing website, contact us today.

Turn cookie-cutter tender and bid answers into client focused, winning responses

Next time you are responding to a tender consider the reviewer and how they will assess your response. While we all hope reviewers will read between the lines and see our solution for what it is, unfortunately this is not how the review process works.

Consider a two horse race where your response is very similar in price and service level to your major competitor. How do you get ahead?
Consider a two horse race where your response is very similar in price and service level to your major competitor. How do you get ahead? Assuming you are compliant (ie meet all the conditions of the tender and have a conforming response), the following are aspects you need to consider – and things we will help you improve upon in your tenders:

  • Are you the challenger or incumbent? Depending on your role you may need to justify your arguments in different ways
  • Are you being client focused and selling benefits? It is harder to do, but selling the benefits of your solution, not just the features, can be a ticket to a winning tender. For example, do you have a low employee turnover? Don’t simply say this. Tell the reviewer that this guarantees your staff understand their role and procedures intimately, resulting in consistently safer work practices and higher quality outcomes.
  • Are you providing evidence? Unsubstantiated claims (or ‘motherhood statements’) should never be made in a tender or bid. You’ll leave the reviewers unimpressed and cast a harsh light on the rest of your submission. In the above example, evidence would include your safety and quality records and procedures.
  • Are you being honest? Reviewers can usually see through misleading statements and puffery and will mark these things harshly
  • What is the client looking for? Are you addressing their needs or simply rehashing generic information about what you can do?
  • Are you bettering your competitors’ offers? What can you do better than anyone else?

If you want help with any or all of the above on your next tender submission, contact Write House.

Align marketing material with your brand

It’s one thing to determine a new brand strategy or direction. It’s another thing entirely to extend this across your entire range of marketing communications. Too often we see companies implementing well thought out brand messages at the top level, with a heaving focus on key communications such as advertising and, perhaps, the website home page. But what is the point of this if your other marketing communications retain old, conflicting messages? For example your remaining web content, blogs, sales materials, tenders and bids, phone messages and so on. Inconsistent marketing creates confusion amongst customers and prospects and often becomes a barrier to a conversion or sale. If you are rebranding, make sure you do it properly – and talk to us about extending your messages right across your suite of communications.

Turn inward-focused marketing into benefits-laden gold

A lot of sales content can be improved dramatically simply by turning it on its head – and talking about benefits instead of features. The rule of focusing on benefits is vital here. How often have you read a piece of marketing in which a company focuses on itself or its product, rather than the customer or the benefits? The result is content that appears tired and unoriginal; certainly not appealing to what the customer wants. If you respond to tenders and bids there is a lesson to be learnt here, too. If you are not telling the client what they will receive from your solution and why it is so much better than the competition, you are potentially missing a great opportunity.

Editing and proof reading for effective documents

Large and technical documents – such as prospectuses or product disclosure statements – are often written by technical specialists or lawyers and can be bogged down by endless text, repetitive information and non-user friendly structure. These documents may be technically correct, but do not forget that they have a sales role to play as well. It is possible to edit and improve writing to be more user-friendly and compelling, without losing meaning or intent. We’ll provide proof reading of documents at three levels:

  • Spelling and grammar only
  • The above plus consistency and sentence structure
  • The above as well as structural editing, order and flow of information and suggestions to improve interest (such as diagrams, tables or examples).

Contact us for a discussion about any of the above services.

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