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Many companies use articles and newsletters as a means to communicate with their customers, build their brand and cross-promote their offerings. The bad news is, many company newsletters end up in the bin before being opened.

Newsletters that are relevant and compelling to your customers

So how do you create newsletters that your audience will read? The answer is to provide valuable content. Successful newsletters enhance brands and build credibility with interesting and relevant articles and content. They give readers something of value, not simply a rehashed message or a sales pitch.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by understanding your customers – their goals, fears and values. This type of information can be captured using tools such as persona profiles. Once you know this information you are on your way to creating content that is relevant and which inspires readers to act.

The next step is to use the information wisely by writing articles that are well-researched, topical, and newsworthy. You may only have one opportunity to convince readers that your newsletter is worth reading, before all future editions are deemed worthless – so make it count.

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